Friday, March 29, 2013


           1. Arul, you are an activist, why have you decided to become a politician?
I am always an activist and remain one till today. I help form the Socialist Party (PSM) because I believe that Socialism will bring equality and prosperity to the people. Anyway activism without politics means we do not propagate change. Any meaningful change must be a political change.   Politics have become a dirty word and so people have negative ideas when someone is a politician. On the contrary it is not always true, just to name some politicians Mandela, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara etc.

  1. Are you contesting in the 13th General Election? Which seat are you contesting?

Yes  Semenyih State seat in Selangor

  1. Are you contesting under PSM logo or other Pakatan members’ party logo?

Since Pakatan does not have a common logo yet, therefore PSM would be standing under its own logo like the other parties in PR.

  1. Is PSM accepted into Pakatan?

We work closely with Pakatan. Pakatan has yet to accept PSM formally

  1. Why PSM decided to join Pakatan, is it to get more  negotiation power on the seats?

The people wanted PSM to join PR to topple BN. A lot of PR leaders also wanted us to join PR. Initially we wanted to have an electoral pact but due to people’s call, we have agreed to join PR and we leave it to PR leadership, if they prefer us to join us a full partner or as an electoral pact.

  1. Has the Pakatan leadership announced the candidate for this constituency or are they allowing you to contest this seat?

They have done neither

  1. Will this be a straight fight or 3-corner?

We hope very much that it will be a straight fight against BN

  1. Why PSM choose to contest this seat?

Because we have done work here. This seat was an exchange to the Bukit Lanjan seat which we stood in 2004.

  1. Any other seats that PSM is contesting?

Yes , the same seats like last year. Sungai Siput parliament, Kota Damansara State seat and Jelapang State seat in Perak.

  1. Is Jelapang seat issue resolved with DAP?

Still being negotiated with DAP. tough

  1. Also heard about Dr. Nasir’s health issue might hinder him from contesting, is that true?

Absolutely false. Nasir did go for a knee surgery and he is now back on the road. He is fine and he is contesting

  1. What happens if Pakatan field their own candidate in Semenyih, will PSM still contest in the 4 seats?

PSM will stand in these 4 seats and support PR in all the other seats

  1. Do you think the people in this constituency know your party logo (being a new party)?

Yes, we have used the logo now for almost 10 years. Most people know the logo and many like the logo

  1. Semenyih is still under BN. Do you think you can convince more voters on the fence?

Yes, we have 13,000 new voters but the majority we lost was just around 1,000 . We are confident in winning their support

  1. How different will your campaign be this time compare to 2008 since you lost in the last election?

Now we know our ground better. More people know us. We will focus on certain key areas. We will also use a combination of modern technology and traditional technology to get the message and the voters.

  1. You being an MPKj counsellor while Johan (BN) being the State Assemblymen since 2008, what are the chances of people voting you?

People will have to decide finally who is the cleaner politician? Who will spend every cent on the people rather than enriching one self? It will be tough but we should make it.

  1. How would you counter racial issue since Semenyih has majority Malay voters and there are rumours that Malay candidate would fare better?

Malay votes only account to 53% of total vote therefore it is a mixed constituency. I did very well in urban and semi urban areas where there were many malay voters. I believe the Malaysian people have matured and nowadays they vote not based on race but based on track record and performance.

  1. What about voters’ perception of Socialism? Would that cause voters to shy away from voting the fist emblem?

On the contrary I feel we will get more votes. People know that we have been very sincere in our work and have delivered. Till today, not one voter in Semenyih has told me that he is frightened with the fist logo. Anyway the young people love our logo.

  1. Who do you think is the BN candidate for this constituency?

Not sure. Maybe Johan.

  1. You are known to be a very simple and humble person. If you are elected, will you change your image?

I have not changed when I became a councillor and I hope to remain so. It is also the duty of the rakyat to caution their YBs if they become arrogant rather than simply patronising them.

  1.  If you are offered other seat or even Parliament seat, will you accept?

Only if i have done work in the area for more than 5 years and the party endorses the move.

  1. As a socialist candidate representing a Socialist Party, how are your approaches or policies or manifesto different from Pakatan?

We share many similar concerns with PR and we endorse the PR manifesto and Buku Jingga. Our manifesto may differ on privatisation policies, local government elections and more emphasis on the workers, urban poor and SMEs.

  1. How do you see yourself, if you are elected in terms of real changes or real solutions?


  1. What is PSM’s stake on who will be the next PM?

Anwar Ibrahim

  1. What are your thoughts about the Pakatan Rakyat Manifesto?

It is a good manifesto as it cuts across race politics. Lots of attractive things for the voters. Very populist. There are things which can be improved.

  1. What about the Minimum Wage because PSM demands RM1,500 while the Pakatan manifesto says RM1,100?

We can agree for RM 1100 provided education and health are free

  1. Finally, what would you like to say to your voters?

Vote for change. Vote PR and PSM. Be part of history. Vote for PSM and you will not regret it.

Adakah undi orang India akan alih ke BN?

 28 Mac 2013, 8pm, Kuala Lumpur

Ramai yang berkomen, undi orang India sudah dibeli; undi dijual hanya untuk wang dan KFC yang Najib beri; 10% undi orang India sudah goyang, ini akan menjejaskan di 55 kerusi secara keseluruhan dan banyak lagi komen. Adakah semua ini benar?

Saudara Segar yang merupakan penulis lyrik-lyrik lagu untuk perubahan yang mengeluarkan VCD ini mengatakan ia tidak betul. Sentimen di akar umbi adalah kuat untuk perubahan. 

Walaubagaimanapun, PRU belum diumumkan, Najib masih sedang berusaha kuat untuk semaksimum tipu muslihat dan menang. Maka, sebagai satu inisiatif Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), kali ke-3 mengeluarkan produksi lagu di VCD yang membawa mesej kesusahan rakyat di bawah pemerintahan BN, dan menyeru rakyat, erutamanya masyarakat India undi tuntuk perubahan, Pakatan Rakyat dan PSM. 


Hari ini, 3 lagi progresif di keluarkan. Beberapa tetamu khas dijemput seperti Saudara Arumugam (Tamil Aravarium), En. Haji Tasleem (NIAT),  Saudari Saras (pemberita) dan turut dihadiri pimpinan PSM yang menjadi tuan rumah, saudara Dr.Nasir, saudara Arul, saudari Saras, dan saudara Sivarajan. 


Lagu-lagu yang hangat ini telah dilancar dan akan dipasarkan selepas ini untuk memperkasakan rakyat dan mempertahankan undi supaya tidak alih ke Barisan Nasional!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Govt taken to task over u-turn on minimum wage policy (The Sun)

Posted on 25 March 2013 - 03:47pm
Last updated on 25 March 2013 - 05:33pm
Hemananthani Sivanandam

PUTRAJAYA (March 25, 2013): The Oppressed People's Network (Jerit) and Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) are accusing the government in backpedaling the decision it made on the minimum wage policy.
PSM secretary-general S.Arutchelvan alleged that the government, in a Cabinet meeting this month, decided on a blanket deferment of the minimum wage policy for small and medium enterprises(SMEs) that employ foreign workers.

"We understand that the deferment is until Dec 31 for SMEs employing foreign workers and we are unhappy because this overrides the National Wages Consultative Council's decision.

"So what is the point of the research and studies conducted on minimum wage? It's a waste of taxpayers' money," Arutchelvan told reporters after meeting officials from the Human Resources Ministry here today.
He said the decision by the Cabinet was also political.

Arutchelvan said he is also concerned that the deferment would affect the employment opportunities of locals as most SMEs would opt for cheaper foreign labour.

"Now most SMEs will employ foreign workers which defeats the aim of the minimum wage," he said, adding that 97% of the companies in the country are SMEs.

He cited an example of a company in Klang which increased the salary of foreign workers from RM450 to RM650 after the minimum wage policy was announced. The company however had reverted to its initial sum, said Arutchelvan, adding that it could also impact the foreign labour.

Last April, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak announced that the minimum wage for workers in the Peninsular is RM900 a month, while their counterparts in Sabah and Sarawak receive RM800.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri S.Subramaniam last December announced some 600 companies were granted an extension of between three and six months grace period ahead of the implementation of minimum wage this year as some companies have been making losses consecutively for two to three years.

GAJI MINIMA RM900: Kerajaan Barisan Nasional buat “U TURN”

72 B, Taman Sri Langat, Jalan Reko, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Tel/Fax : 03-87370766  Email:

GAJI MINIMA RM900: Kerajaan Barisan Nasional buat “U TURN”
Majlis Konsultansi Gaji Minima menjadi “BONEKA” semata-mata!
Sejak kebelakangan ini, JERIT banyak menerima aduan daripada pekerja migrant bahawa majikan gagal melaksanakan isu gaji minima. Di beberapa tempat seperti Muar, Johor dan Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, para pekerja migran yang telah bantahan. Pada hari ini, JERIT bersama PSM telah hadir ke  Kementerian Sumber Manusia (KSM) untuk mendapatkan penjelasan mengenai perkara ini. Jadi KSM membongkarkan bahawa Kabinet pada 15 Mac 2013 telah membuat keputusan untuk memberi kelonggaran penuh (blanket deferment) kepada semua SME’s (Industri Kecil dan Sederhana) sehingga 31 Disember 2013. Ini adalah satu “U TURN” dalam pelaksanaan gaji minima RM900 di mana pekerja migran tidak perlu dibayar gaji mimima RM900 sehingga 31 Disember 2013. Tidak cukup dengan ini mana-mana syarikat lain yang merasakan tidak dapat melaksanakan gaji minima juga boleh membuat permohonan kepada KSM.
JERIT dan PSM agak terkejut dengan keputusan kabinet yang diambil secara terburu-buru hanya selepas satu bulan pelaksanaan gaji minima sejak Januari 2013.  Alasan bahawa majikan terutamanya SME mengalami masalah dan tidak bersedia untuk menguruskan pembayaran gaji minima adalah tidak masuk akal. Ini kerana keputusan melaksanakan gaji minima dibuat setelah banyak perbincangan, banyak kajian dibuat termasuk oleh World Bank dan hasil perdebatan oleh Majlis Perundingan Gaji Minima.   Oleh itu, keputusan Kabinet untuk memberikan kelonggaran sepenuhnya sehingga akhir tahun ini adalah keputusan politik untuk semata-mata mengembirakan pihak majikan.
Keputusan Kabinet ini bukan sahaja memberi kesan kepada pekerja migrant, malah pekerja tempatan juga akan menjadi mangsa. Pada asalnya, salah satu objektif KSM melaksanakan polisi gaji minima ialah untuk mengurangkan pergantungan negara kita terhadap pekerja migran dan membasmi kemiskinan di kalangan pekerja tempatan yang mana 34% pekerja Malaysia masih mendapat gaji kurang dari RM730 sebulan. Tetapi dengan memberi kelonggaran ini, matlamat ini tidak akan dicapai kerana selepas ini, majikan akan lebih rela  mengambil lebih pekerja migran dengan gaji yang murah, dan memangsakan pekerja tempatan.

Menurut KSM, 97% syarikat di Malaysia adalah syarikat SME yang mempunyai  56% daripada tenaga buruh. Ini bermakna kelonggaran diberikan kepada hampir semua majikan dan 56% tenaga buruh terutamanya pekerja migrant tidak akan menikmati gaji minima.

Apa yang membimbangkan kami adalah apakah jaminan  bahawa gaji minima akan dilaksanakan oleh syarikat SME mulai Januari 2014. Adakah masa yang diberikan ini adalah untuk para majikan mencari lebih banyak alasan dan helah untuk terus tidak memberikan gaji minima.  Dalam mesyuarat lalu pada 6 Februari 2013, JERIT dan PSM telah mencadangkan bahawa pihak Kerajaan mewujudkan dana untuk membantu SME dalam pelaksanaan gaji minima. Nampaknya pihak Kerajaan lebih sibuk membelanjaan wang untuk memancing undi  dan tidak serius dalam mewujudkan masyarakat berpendapatan tinggi dalam jangkamasa panjang.

Oleh itu jelas dilihat bahawa GAJI MINIMA ini adalah satu gimik pilihanraya semata-mata. Pengumuman Ada, Pelaksanaan Tiada. Kerajaan BN CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN.
Dikeluarkan oleh,
Sekretariat JERIT

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Keselamatan amat penting bagi kami - Penduduk Taman Tasek Semenyih!

25 Mac 2013 10pm, Taman Tasek Semenyih, Semenyih

Saudara Arul, Ahli Majlis Kajang Zon 18 telah mengadakan mesyuarat bersama jawatankuasa penduduk Taman Tasek Semenyih setelah melawat taman bersama wakil J/Kuasa untuk melihat masalah lampu bersama wakil dari Bahagian Elektrik, MPKj. 

Lebih dari 20 ahli Jawatankuasa Penduduk Taman Tasek Semenyih hadir ke mesyuarat. Dalam mesyuarat tersebut, beberapa aduan yang diutarakan oleh wakil penduduk kepada saudara Arul adalah seperti berikut:
  • Pokok-pokok di taman sudah uzur. Wakil penduduk meminta menggantikan pokok di  taman. Pokok-pokok di taman tidak berbunga. Aduanya juga kehijauan kawasan semakin kurang. Saudara Arul  kata akan membawa permintaan penduduk ke mesyuarat MPKj. Walaupun ramai menebang pokok, tapi penduduk Taman Tasek Semenyih masih cinta dengan kehijauan. 
  • Masalah Lampu. Di beberapa jalan dalam taman, lampu tidak menyala. Menurut Arul, aduan ini akan disalurkan kepada TNB. Di taman permainan, kabel elektrik yang kemungkinan menjadi bahaya semasa hujan, saudara Arul cadangkan memasang satu fius dalam kabel untuk elakkan kejutan elektrik masa hujan. 
  • Wakil penduduk juga mengadu tentang lampu-lampu yang uzur di taman. Cadangan Bahagian Elektrik MPKj yang turut hadir ke mesyuarat ini adalah menukar dengan lampu-lampu baru secara berperingkat. Sebagai permulaan memasang 25 lampu baru di satu kawasan.  
  • Aduan-aduan lain adalah seperti longkang sentiasa sumbat, tiada garisan di jalan, rumah-rumah kosong di taman dengan semakan rumput, permintaan untuk letak speed limit dalam taman dan lain-lain lagi. 
Sebagai ahli majlis yang sentiasa melaksanakan tugasnya dengan sempurna, saudara Arul telah mencatatkan semua aduan dan akan salurkan di bahagian-bahagian tertentu.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Edaran Risalah PRU13 di Kajang Prima, Kajang

24 Mac 2013, Semenyih

Team PSM telah turun ke kawasan perumahan Kajang Prima bersama saudara Arul, calon DUN Semenyih PRU13 (N24) untuk edaran risalah PRU13. 

Satu seruan yang kuat kepada pengundi Semenyih iaitu "Ini Kali Lah, Perubahan Pasti di DUN Semenyih". Sambutan dari pengundi untuk perubahan menggalakkan, dan kami menekankan bahawa PRU13 ini sangat penting dan akan menentukan masa depan Malaysia. Maka, setiau undi adalah bernilai, dan pastikan undi untuk ABU (Asalkan Bukan UMNO). 

Calon PSM, saudara Arul yang terus berkhidmat secara konsisten, dan sentiasa turun padang turut turun bersama team edaran risalah hari ini.

Friday, March 22, 2013


Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) ingin merakamkan rasa takziah kepada keluarga dan kawan-kawan Sri kandi Suriani yang merupakan salah seorang tokoh kiri tanahair yang berjuang untuk kemerdekaan tanahair dan telah menentang pencerobohan Malaya oleh Imperialis Jepun dan British.

Ibu Suriani adalah antara pejaung paling unggul abad ke 20 dan pernah diberi perkenan oleh DYMM Sultan Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah pada tahun 1989.

Sebenarnya ramai wanita yang terlibat dalam gerakan kemerdekaan dan Sri Kandi Suriani merupakan salah seorang daripada  tokoh yang banyak membuat pergorbanan demi perjuangan.

Suriani Abdullah lahir pada 23 Januari 1924 di Sitiawan, Perak. Pejuang progresif ini lahir dalam zaman kesedaran nasional rakyat semasa Tanah Melayu pada masa itu dijajah oleh British. Pada masa itu Malaya sedang bergelora dengan kebangkitan rakyat. Beliau adalah produk kebangkitan ini.

Setelah Perang Anti-Jepun meletus, Suraini terpengaruh dengan gerakan pelajar anti-Jepun. Pada masa itu, terdapat dua parti politik yang aktif menentang penjajahan; KKM (Kesatuan Melayu Muda) dan PKM (Parti Komunis Malaya). Suriani menyertai Tentera Pembebasan Tanahair iaitu Rejimen Ke-10.
Sumbangan Suriani kepada kemerdekaan Negara harus dilihat melalui penglibatan beliau dalam Perjuangan Anti-Jepun (1941-1945) dan Perang Pembebasan Nasional Anti-British (1948-1957)

Beliau pernah ditangkap oleh tentera Jepun dan dipenjarakan. Namun, semangatnya yang gagah dan berani menyebabkan Suriani tidak pernah tunduk kepada kekejaman penjajah. Semangat dan penampilan pejuang wanita ini diberi pengiktirafan dan diberi gelaran ”SRIKANDI ANTI-JEPUN”.

Beliau banyak memberi sumbangan dan berjuang bersama-sama tokoh seperti Abdullah CD dan Rashid Maidin sehinggalah termeterai Perjanjian Damai Haadyai di antara Kerajaan Malaysia dan PKM. Suriani telah berumahtangga dengan Abdullah CD dan menetap di Selatan Thailand.Pada tahun 1999, Suriani dan Abdullah CD telah mengerjakan Haji di Mekah.

Dalam pemergian ini, PSM meminta Kerajaan Malaysia mengikriraf  pengorbonan semua pejuang yang berjuang untuk kemerdekaan Malaysia termasuk pejuang kiri seperti Suriani. Sejarah harus memberi pespektif benar dan biar rakyat menentukan.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ini kalilah! Ceramah menuju Putrajaya!

Mesyuarat Majlis Perundingan Penduduk (Zon 18)

18 Mac 2013, Semenyih

Saudara Arul yang merupakan pengerusi bagi Majlis Perundingan Penduduk (MPP), Zon 18  telah memanggil mesyuarat bersama wakil-wakil MPP ke pejabat Zon beliau. Wakil-wakil zon 18 yang turut hadir ke mesyuarat adalah dari Taman Pelangi Semenyih, Taman Manickavasagam, Taman Sri Tanjung, Taman Tasek Semenyih, Bandar Rinching Seksyen 1-6, Broga/Tarun dan kampung Sentosa. 

Selalunya sebulan sekali mesyuarat MPP ini diadakan untuk menenalpasti aduan penduduk dan Saudara arul yang merupakan Ahli Majlis Kajang akan membawa semua aduan ke peringkat MPKj dan tindakan susulan. Mesyuarat MPP ini akan menjadi yang terakhir sebelum pilihanraya. Saudara arul juga menjelaskan bahawa walaupun parlimen bubar, kerajaan tempatan akan terus berkuasa sehingga kerajaan negeri yang dipilih ambil alih kuasa. 

Mesyuarat ini juga turut dihadiri oleh En.Azhaare bin Md. Shah dari MPKj bahagian Jabatan Kejuruteraan, MPKj. Antara aduan dan perkara yang dibincangakan adalah seperti berikut:

1. Lampu yang selalu rosak dan tidak nyala di Taman Pelangi Semenyih
2. Lampu limpah di padang permainan di Taman Pelangi Semenyih, Broga dan Bandar Rinching Seksyen 2
3. Lampu yang sedia ada malap di Taman Tasek Semenyih
4. Lampu tidak menyala dari Northingham University ke pekan Broga
5. Lampu kelip di  depan kampung Sentosa menyebabkan banyak kemalangan
6. Jalan susu masuk sebelah kuil Semenyih perlu ditar

Saudara Arul akan membawa isu-isu ini ke mesyuarat infrastruktur di Majlis Perbandaran Kajang. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013




The PSM condemns the heavy-handedness of the government in dealing with the protest of Nepali migrant workers over non-implementation of the minimum wage in furniture manufacturing factories in Johore and a textile company in Negri Sembilan.
The demand of the affected 5000 over largely Nepali migrant workers is for the minimum wage of RM900 to be implemented as promised by the Malaysian government to the entire Malaysian workforce. All employers, except for the 635 companies that applied for and were granted a 6-month deferment, are required to implement the minimum wage ruling from January 2013.  As such what is criminal in the demand of the protesting workers?
Instead of taking to task the errant employers, the government has ganged up with them against the workers. The migrant workers have been arrested and roughed up. Yesterday over 100 workers were arrested purportedly to prevent a riot from taking place.  It’s a shame that police instead of playing their role of keeping order, have resorted to forcefully preventing the industrial action of the workers against their exploitative employers. In Nilai, the police went into the hostel with the Bosses to ask the workers to go back to work. A police report has been lodged by PSM on this incident as well s a letter to the Minister concerned.
It is shocking that the measures adopted to deal with the now-foiled Sunday rally referred to the deployment of riot police, roadblocks, and illegal assembly notices, as if dealing with a bunch of dangerous criminals. There was not a single mention of the only action needed to resolve the dispute according to Malaysian law i.e the implementation of the minimum wage law by the companies employing these workers!
The furniture industry which is said to be heavily dependent on migrant workers contributes RM7 billion to the economy. Recron Malaysia, the Negri Sembilan textile and polyester manufacturer which pays its migrant workers between RM240 and RM400 is linked to Ambani, India’s richest man. In approving additional migrant workers for the furniture industry, Malaysia’s International Trade and Industry Minister remarked that a shortage of workers could lead to companies going bankrupt thereby affecting the industry and the national economy. What then but a greed for higher profits, explains the denial of the minimum wage to these obviously ‘indispensable’ workers?
The PSM asks the Human Resources Ministry to come to the defence of  all the affected migrant workers who have been victimized for highlighting the denial of the minimum wage of RM900. The ministry should take action against the employers for violating the minimum wage ruling.
Stop the exploitation! Implement the minimum wage now!
Released by

Rani Rasiah
PSM Central Committee Member