Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sdr Arul ceramah di Sri Muda , Shah Alam

Crowd turned Silent

2 Feb 2013, Sri Muda
20130202_211745I went with Comrade Arul to a Ponggal celebration in Sri Muda oragnised by the DUN office Sri Muda and MPP Zon 14. Puan Hajah Mariam, the Parliamentarian officiated the event.  Comrade Arutchelvan,   Secretary  General of Party Socialist Malaysia (PSM)was the other guest invited to the event.
Must congratulate the organizers for taking the risk to organise the Ponggal show on the same day as the  Najib  grand unity Ponggal at Dataran Merdeka - definitely there are people who were not fooled by the intense advertisement on all Indian radio station and tv, with buses sent out there and cash money distributed to get 50,000 over people! We should thank these few people for their principal stand.
More than 200 people were entertained throughout the 3 hr show. Nice to see lot of young people and families enjoying themselves. Entertainment was good – established singers and dancers performed.
At one point, the crowd turned silent. An intense expression on their face. They were listening to Comrade Arul’s speech – talking in plain Tamil language in his own style – about the greedy employers such as Maybank boss earning RM90,000 per month with 48 month bonus and Syabas boss about 700,000 per month inclusive of all his allowances. How these type of people who run banks have the heart to auction houses of poor people e.g Madam Letchimi, asingle mother who lost her 2 legs in an accident, he
r son in another accident. How one can be scrupulous enough to cut water supply to the people with lousy reasons – no money to repair pump when they take back so much money. How on earth business – living luxuries life in big mansions driving 1 million worth Porsche cars can be so stingy to pay their workers the minimum wage of RM900 per month. And these are the people, the BN government protects – the minimum wage implementation delayed. One of the BN minister can even organise demonstration with some foreign workers claiming they want lower salary. How ridiculous can that be and why is the government so stupid to understand that if migrant workers are paid lower, then the local people would be jobless!
Arul was also explaining about the mischievous Bangi temple  committee head cum PIBG head cum ex- MIC brach head for lying his head off about MPKj not allowing priests in Hindu temple to chime the bell. He also spoke about the need of IPCMC to monitor the police in relation Sugumaran’s case who were assault to death by policemen. Police denied but how come Sugumaran’s hand was found to be  handcuffed when his body was found – magically! Arul also exposed about how Semenyih turned Somali on the same day Kebangkitan Rakyat was taking place in KL – while in KL with 1/2 million people, everything was festive and peaceful, in Semenyih, massive chaos and one mother fainted just for some pack of rice and other goodies – Indians are treated like dogs according to some blog. Is this the government we want to elect after 56 years under their regime. Change – let’s change it together – let’s make sure Pakatan wins 112 seats.
The applause from the crowd convince me that they would vote for change.

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