Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tiga Pemimpim PSM mendapat penghargaan dari kerajaan Negeri kerana Perjuangan dalam isu-isu pekerja ladang

Hari ini tiga orang Pemimpin PSM, Dr. Nasir Hashim, Sdr V.Selvam dan S.Arutchelvan mendapat penghargaan dari Kerajaan negeri Selangor kerana perjuangan mereka dalam isu-isu pekerja ladang.

Antara sumbangan tiga pemimpin ini adalah

1. Memperjuangkan kempen sertai masyarakat ladang dalam Pembangunan Luar bandar
2. Perjuangan menuntut akta gaji bulanan
3. Perjuangan Perumahan dimana berjaya memperolehi rumah percuma di Ladang Sungai Rasah, Ladang Braemar, Ladang Brooklands, Ladang Bukit Tinggi dan ladang Denudin. Selain daripada itu, perjuangan di Ladang Bukit Jelutong, Ladang Midlands, Ladang Bukit Rajah, Ladng Sungai Rinching dan lain-lain.Mereka juga terlibat dalam pelbagai kempen di kawasan lain di Malaysia dan beberapa polisi termasuk polisi Kerajaan negeri Selangor pada tahun 1991 diilhamkan daripada perjuangan mereka.  

Plantation Workers : Reclaim your dignity!

2 Feb 2013, Bangunan Peladang
DSCF7122Attended a launching event today, it’s called ‘historical’ for a reason that it was a first of such effort. Yes, I’m talking about a hostel to be built for about 500 plantation children by the Selangor Pakatan government at Bandar Sri Coalfields of Ijok, which also happened to be Menteri Besar Khalid’s constituency.
More than 300 people, mostly plantation workers with their families, labour activists, students, Pakatan politicians and other interested individuals.
Najib to announce more hostels for IndiansBoth Mentri Besar Khalid and Exco member Xavier who launched the building of the hostel, said that it will not be a surprise if Najib were to announce building of such hostels for Indians  in the other BN states.
In his speech MB Khalid said that he is very proud about this initiative as it is the first infrastructure project – Tamil school cum hostel – in Malaysia after 55 years of independence. As such if Najib were to announce similar promises for other states – then it’s a victory for the people.
After the launch, a forum on history of Indian’s struggle took place.
Reclaim your dignity!
Such was the mood of the event when the master of ceremony highlighted some recent DSCF7130events of Indian people being manipulated and used by BN leader Najib – who is showing his generosity by ‘throwing’ packets of rice, flour, sardine at large crowds – which they claim 10-15 thousand. Where is our dignity? Even when the Indian workers were badly exploited and conditions were horrible in the 1930s-1950s, we did not beg, we fought for our rights and we stand with pride. This was what the first speaker of the forum Dr. Peter Sinnapan said.
DSCF7133Comrade Arutchelvan, Secretary General of Party Socialist Malaysia (PSM) was the other speaker at the forum. He started with his own arrest at the same building of the event today, when he was a student, about 20 years ago when the plantation workers were fighting for PPN Hostel. Well, soon the plantation children will have a new hostel.
He gave some historical facts of the many struggles in the 1930s-1990s led by the Chinese and Indian workers especially – them being the working class then. He DSCF7140mentioned about 1937 strike involving 30,000 chinese workers, 1941 Klang Strike involving about 20,000 workers, Bukit Asahan struggle as well as housing and minimum wage struggle since last 2 decade led by NGO groups such as Community Development Centre, Alaigal, PSO, KKM, SWP and others.
Honoring the Fighters!The state government took the opportunity to honor 10 people who have been (still are) instrumental to the plantation workers struggle. Among them were 80 yrs old, Mr. Nokia. Dr. Nasir Hashim- PSM Chairman, Comrade Arutchelvan and Comrade Selvam of PSM Central Committee too were in the list.


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