Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vietnam day 7 - 19 April 2011

Today is our final working day in Ho Chi Minh city and Vietnam and tomorrow we will be back. Today we visited the Peoples Committee of Binh Duong Peoples Committee. We were taken for a tour and also saw some property development project taken by a Malaysian company. We also saw rubber plantations which were being replaced by the Industrialization.

Vietnam really seems to be moving towards opening up and growing in a rapid pace. I sign-off today with images of modern vietnam with the continuous posters in the streets to remind about its history and the great struggles of the past.

All the leaders we met seems to say that Vietnam is building socialism and that the people welfare will be taken care. It is going to be challenging times ahead on how the socialist government can withstand the capitalist slaughter as well as its hegemonic influence.

I will write an analysis later on this.The study tour was an eye opener to us on the real situation in Vietnam.

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