Friday, March 25, 2011


This morning, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) once again proved why they are different compared to the other political parties in the country. This morning, for the third year since Tsunami 2008, they once again declared their assets in front of RAs, media and the public.

PSM elected member of Parliament Dr. Jeyakumar, PSM National Chairperson as well as Kota Damansara State Assemblyman, Dr. Nasir Hashim as well as PSM’s remaining two councilors Secretary General S.Arutchelvan and Treasurer A.Sivarajan all declared their assets in way of reading their statutory declarations (sd). The Sd’s were also made available for the media to take back.

According to the Party’s Secretary General S.Arutchelvan, it has been the party’s policy passed in the party’s Special Congress in 2008 that all elected and appointed reps must declare their assets once a year. Besides that, the two elected reps also read out their report cards for the year on the activities carried out.
PSM’s elected reps also have to contribute a minimum of 40% of their earnings to the struggle and this is also one of the highest in comparison with contributions of other party reps.

This morning, three special representatives from Kota Damansara also spoke of their activities which were among the programs assisted as well as led by Dr. Nasir Hashim as the ADUN in Kota Damansara. Among them was the representative named Aliza from Kumpulan Solidarity Wanita Kota Damansara. This program which started as a sewing class for women has today become a cooperative where they sew cloths and sell them including school uniforms for the needy. Another speaker was Norisan Jaafar from the Kota Damansara Football Club who have moved all our the country and even overseas while Jeffrey Thang from Friends of Kota Damansara- a local environment group spoke about their activities .

Dr. Kumar spoke about how power can corrupt and that it is important for PSM to take this job seriously and live with high principles. Dr. Nasir spoke about the need for the people to always caution the leaders and they must be the real bosses.
Among the highlights of PSM activities in the last one year was the setting up the nation’s first left library and Dr. Kumar become the first elected rep to take the Prime Minister to court on the question of development funds. There were as well the numerous other struggles led by the PSM – fighting capitalism, neo-liberalism, against the GST, opposing the draconian labour laws, safeguarding he public hospitals and calling for free education.

Struggle we will and win we shall ! Long Life the people and the workers .

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