Monday, June 23, 2008

What we did - first 100 days in Semenyih

Most people will write and say what they did in the first 100 days after winning the last General Election but I have to write and say what we did in the first 100 days after we lost in the Semenyih State seat.

Though we lost, it is really interesting to note that we get lots of people visiting our service center and this is maybe because in Selangor, Pakatan is the Government and people feel that they can get something from us compared with the BN chap who won the election but lost the State. Therefore we get lots of cases, phone calls etc and sometimes we ourselves get confused on who is the real ADUN in Semenyih.

I am very fortunate as I have a good team working with me in Semenyih. We have around 40 dedicated volunteers in Semenyih who help is with many of our cases. They don’t expect any rewards and their only complain so far has been that they want me to dress up better. Besides that, three individuals are the life-wire of our service center – they are Ramalingam – a plantation worker from Sungai Rinching estate, K.Simon and S.Paremas from CDC. They put in many hours of work in Semenyih. Without these people and as well as volunteers such as Rajan and his wife, Shamugam, Sathish, Lenin, Janu, Sunder and many others, this service center will not function.

As for cases, we have more than 250 cases recorded. The cases ranges from land issues, welfare, EPF, employment, loan default, SOCSO claims, education aid and many others. We have also separated these cases into individual cases as well as community cases.

Since the election, we have established very good contact and have formed a committee in a number of areas. We have done work in two Chinese New VillageSemenyih New Village and Broga New Village where we have formed working committee. We have also formed a working relationship in Kampung Sireh, Bandar Rinching Fasa 4, Ladang Dominion, Kampung Pasir and Pangsapuri Desa Mawar 2. Besides these issues, we have also highlighted issues involving plantation workers in Ladang Semenyih, Glengowrie, Ladang Denudin , Ladang Abaco and Ladang Bangi. We have also assisted cases involving migrant workers and currently are resolving an issue involving victimization of Nepalese workers.

I have also had meetings with the OCPD of Kajang as well as officials from the land office and MPKJ. To the OCPD, I raised three issues of complain in Semenyih and with the land office, I brought cases involving around 30 land titles. Besides that our team has also resolved dozens of welfare cases issues.

On national issue, we have assisted the LCD taxi drivers to organize and raise their issues to parliament.

Our service center is opened 3 days a week and is fully managed by volunteer. Unlike other ADUN, I do not get any income and therefore have to manage the service center using party funds and from collection made our members. Going by ethnic compensation, our service centre has reached all the ethnic groups. We have had meetings in Malay Kampung, Chinese New village and plantation areas. Most individual cases we receive are from the Indian and Chinese community. We have also received a handfull of cases involving Malays but I believe most Malays go to Dr. Che Rosli – The Ulu Langat MP office for assistance.

Besides all this cases, people also visit us on things like contracts, shop lots, recommendation, work and business opportunity and places in local university etc. I get nervous and very worried when I receive these cases especially when it involves business opportunity etc. People are so absorbed with how BN leaders help them and I feel people want similar responses from me. I try to avoid these cases and at times, tell them that this not what I do.

What are we trying to do in Semenyih. What we are trying to do In Semenyih and other areas won by PSM is to establish Peoples Power at the respective local Kampung and housing estates. We are trying to built a community where the local people will resolve their own problem using people power. For example, we are convinced with the collective power of the people. If they unite and demand something, I am sure they will get it. This is a +ve culture instead of we asking them to be beggars or be dependent on politicians.

Ideally, we want a vibrant community who will manage their own funds, seek the kind of development they want in their area and built their own power base. If I or my party slack in my work, they should be empowered enough to question us.

We also building what is called the MPR _Majlis Perundingan Rakyat, where community representatives give their views and give us ideas how to built Semenyih. This would be better than me going around, shaking hands and smiling and creating a popularity cult around me. This is something which the Socialist party always caution us. We are just people like everybody else. We cannot create an elite class between us and the masses.

I will be happy after a few years, we have people who are empowered and who can built and resolve their own issues. The solution of the world today cannot be top-down. It must be bottom-up. The People must have their say – not once in five years but every other day.


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