Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PSM Representative denied entry in Labour Court

Nepalese Victimization case

Bangi, 3th. June 2008

This afternoon case between Padam Bahadur Magar and Woodlander Wood products took place for around one and a quarter hour. Ironically, PSM representative T.Ramalingam was denied entry into the court room after an objection by the Management. PSM views this very seriously as Labour Court cases must be done in open court and can be attended by anyone except if the person is a witness to the case.

The management today came with two witnesses. The case involves Padam Bahadur Magar whose contract expires on 13 February 2008 but told to leave the country on 11 November 2007 as a means to teach other Nepalese a lesson. Apparently the Management has tricked the worker by getting him sign some empty documents which later happens to be his resignation letters.

The decision will now be on the 20th. June 2008. According to the Nepalese interpreter, the Labour Court appears to be only listening to the Employer’s logic. In this case, the worker was told to conduct a duty which was not in his contract. He refused and as a result, he was sacked. Now the employers claim that he resigned.

PSM Semenyih would now check with the worker concern, and if need be, make representative as well as protest the conduct of the Labour Court Chairperson in not allowing PSM representative to be present.

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