Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Arul denies withdrawing from Semenyih contest!

Lately there has been a rumour being circulated that I am withdrawing from Contesting Semenyih and that I have been offered a Senatorship.  I deny both this version. The PSM team after working hard in Semenyih since the last election and having lost narrowly in the last election,  are prepared to recontest the N24 seat. The seat now has 41,000 voters and increase of 13,000 voters.

PSM is only contesting in 4 seats. Our candidates are all activist with good track record. We are the only party to declare asset every year. We are excited that after ten years, we get to fly our party flag in this election. It is time for change. Vote PR to power.

Below is FAQ which was asked to me 2 weeks ago. Thank You

Secretary General


  1. Arul, you are an activist, why have you decided to become a politician?
I am always an activist and remain one till today. I help form the Socialist Party (PSM) because I believe that Socialism will bring equality and prosperity to the people. Anyway activism without politics means we do not propagate change. Any meaningful change must be a political change.   Politics have become a dirty word and so people have negative ideas when someone is a politician. On the contrary it is not always true, just to name some politicians Mandela, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara etc.
  1. Are you contesting in the 13th General Election? Which seat are you contesting?
Yes  Semenyih State seat in Selangor
  1. Are you contesting under PSM logo or other Pakatan members’ party logo?
Since Pakatan does not have a common logo yet, therefore PSM would be standing under its own logo like the other parties in PR.
  1. Is PSM accepted into Pakatan?
We work closely with Pakatan. Pakatan has yet to accept PSM formally
  1. Why PSM decided to join Pakatan, is it to get more  negotiation power on the seats?
The people wanted PSM to join PR to topple BN. A lot of PR leaders also wanted us to join PR. Initially we wanted to have an electoral pact but due to people’s call, we have agreed to join PR and we leave it to PR leadership, if they prefer us to join us a full partner or as an electoral pact.
  1. Has the Pakatan leadership announced the candidate for this constituency or are they allowing you to contest this seat?
They have done neither
  1. Will this be a straight fight or 3-corner?
We hope very much that it will be a straight fight against BN
  1. Why PSM choose to contest this seat?
Because we have done work here. This seat was an exchange to the Bukit Lanjan seat which we stood in 2004.
  1. Any other seats that PSM is contesting?
Yes , the same seats like last year. Sungai Siput parliament, Kota Damansara State seat and Jelapang State seat in Perak.
  1. Is Jelapang seat issue resolved with DAP?
Still being negotiated with DAP. tough
  1. Also heard about Dr. Nasir’s health issue might hinder him from contesting, is that true?
Absolutely false. Nasir did go for a knee surgery and he is now back on the road. He is fine and he is contesting
  1. What happens if Pakatan field their own candidate in Semenyih, will PSM still contest in the 4 seats?
PSM will stand in these 4 seats and support PR in all the other seats
  1. Do you think the people in this constituency know your party logo (being a new party)?
Yes, we have used the logo now for almost 10 years. Most people know the logo and many like the logo
  1. Semenyih is still under BN. Do you think you can convince more voters on the fence?
Yes, we have 13,000 new voters but the majority we lost was just around 1,000 . We are confident in winning their support
  1. How different will your campaign be this time compare to 2008 since you lost in the last election?
Now we know our ground better. More people know us. We will focus on certain key areas. We will also use a combination of modern technology and traditional technology to get the message and the voters.
  1. You being an MPKj counsellor while Johan (BN) being the State Assemblymen since 2008, what are the chances of people voting you?
People will have to decide finally who is the cleaner politician? Who will spend every cent on the people rather than enriching one self? It will be tough but we should make it.
  1. How would you counter racial issue since Semenyih has majority Malay voters and there are rumours that Malay candidate would fare better?
Malay votes only account to 53% of total vote therefore it is a mixed constituency. I did very well in urban and semi urban areas where there were many malay voters. I believe the Malaysian people have matured and nowadays they vote not based on race but based on track record and performance.
  1. What about voters’ perception of Socialism? Would that cause voters to shy away from voting the fist emblem?
On the contrary I feel we will get more votes. People know that we have been very sincere in our work and have delivered. Till today, not one voter in Semenyih has told me that he is frightened with the fist logo. Anyway the young people love our logo.
  1. Who do you think is the BN candidate for this constituency?
Not sure. Maybe Johan.
  1. You are known to be a very simple and humble person. If you are elected, will you change your image?
I have not changed when I became a councillor and I hope to remain so. It is also the duty of the rakyat to caution their YBs if they become arrogant rather than simply patronising them.
  1.  If you are offered other seat or even Parliament seat, will you accept?
Only if i have done work in the area for more than 5 years and the party endorses the move.
  1. As a socialist candidate representing a Socialist Party, how are your approaches or policies or manifesto different from Pakatan?
We share many similar concerns with PR and we endorse the PR manifesto and Buku Jingga. Our manifesto may differ on privatisation policies, local government elections and more emphasis on the workers, urban poor and SMEs.
  1. How do you see yourself, if you are elected in terms of real changes or real solutions?
  1. What is PSM’s stake on who will be the next PM?
Anwar Ibrahim
  1. What are your thoughts about the Pakatan Rakyat r Manifesto?
It is a good manifesto as it cuts across race politics. Lots of attractive things for the voters. Very populist. There are things which can be improved.
  1. What about the Minimum Wage because PSM demands RM1,500 while the Pakatan manifesto says RM1,100?
We can agree for RM 1100 provided education and health are free
  1. Finally, what would you like to say to your voters?
Vote for change. Vote PR and PSM. Be part of history. Vote for PSM and you will not regret it.

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