Monday, April 18, 2011

Vietnam - 16 April

Today we traveled to a province north of Hanoi called Vinc Phuc province. There were we were met by the Deputy Chief Minister in a full formal function. After some exchanges with their Ministers called Peoples Committee, we visited some Industrial zone and a village. It seems Vietnam is moving into Industrialization in a fast mode. Lots of agricultural land has been converted to Industry. At The village, there were lots of houses undergoing renovation. People seem happy and the villagers are very clean. We also enjoyed the vast scenes of paddy field and other agricultural product. We also passed through the huge big red sea and the bridge is amazing.

In the Evening, we had a serious disucussion with Comrade Loi from the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation. He gave us a theoretical understanding on the state of affairs and politics in Vietnam. The discussion with him was most fruitful and allowed to further understand the current issues and challengers faced by Vietnam.

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