Saturday, April 30, 2011

27-4-11 Bukit Jalil case decision day on 10 May

This morning, judge, Zabariah Mohd Yusof, defered her judgement on the inter-parte hearing involving Ladang Bukit Jalil ex-workers and DBKL to May 10.

The Bukit Jalil ex-workers were represented by two ex- Bar Council chairpersons -
Ragunath Kesavan and Ambiga Sreenivasan while DBKL was represented by Adnan Ali.

At the case today - DBKL lawyer claimed that the ex-workers are squatters all the way and that they cannot seek a permanent injunction against the Government. He said the use of the Emergency Ordinance 1969 and the notice send in 2007 is valid and the ex-workers did not do anything to move out before this.

Ambiga said the the question of taking an injunction is a matter settled in the courts today. She claimed that the notice served on 1 march is invalid as it makes no reference to any laws. She also said that it was dangerous to imply that the court has no jurisdiction over public officials.

Ragu Kesavan said that DBKL are not the plaintiff and are acting extremely busy-body. The question if the ex-workers are squatters or not should be tried in the court in a full trial.

DBKL lawyer claims that the court should not interfere in State matters while the ex-workers lawyers said that the rights to property and livelihood is a fundamental rights under the Constitutional.

A huge crowd of more than a hundred people attended the open court hearing. Outside the court, they shouted slogans and put forwards their demands. Also to lend support was the Federation of Malaysian Indian Organisation chief A Rajaretinam and his members. They carried a huge banner calling for the Government to give the 4 acres of land demanded by the ex-workers. The Banner said the people will be the real judge. PSM, JERIT as well as some other NGOs were also present.

S.Arutchelvan - PSM Secretary General ended a press conference saying " let's see if the courts have the guts to decide for the marginalised

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