Monday, August 10, 2009

5 Ogos - Buku Malaysia at the crossroads dilancar

Sebuah drama dari Kelab SOsialis Seni Ampang membuka tirai perlancaran buku apabila sebuah buku diambil dari tong sampah kerana dirasakan dapat memberi analisa dan jawapan kepada masalah yang dihadapi oleh masyarakat.

Mengambil sedikit sedutan dari Mkini:

Dr. Jeyakumar said the book represents what his party's thoughts on the issues facing Malaysians.

To another question on extending socialism to the Pakatan Rakyat coalition he said:

"It is a complex relationship. It would be too much to expect Pakatan to take up socialism. It would be good if they stick to what they have promised."
What is socialism?
He also criticised current prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak's efforts of pumping more money into industries in efforts to overcome the current recession."The capitalist undermines the economy by reducing pay and social expenditure. There would be a lot of capital but no market to invest in as it is a case of under consumption against over production."We must have a growth of 4-5 percent to grow out of recession."

Fellow panellist, Malaysiakini CEO, Premesh Chandran raised the point that the left has not yet clearly explained the idea of socialism in Malaysia.

"There is a vacuum in terms of critical strategies of the left. To what extent has PSM filled them?"

He also called upon the party to assess its strength in terms of ideology, engagement and power of winning opponents over.

Another panellist, Dr Poh Soo Kai a former member of Barisan Sosialis (Singapore) and ISA detainee from 1963 to the 1970s said that the book is important for those who want to understand socialism in Malaysia.

The book is available at PSM branch offices.

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