Monday, May 26, 2008

Pengumuman Perubahan Hari Operasi Pusat Khidmat

Mulai 26 Mei 2008, Pusat Perkhidmatan PSM Semenyih akan dibuka pada hari Selasa, Rabu dan Khamis. Pusat perkhidmatan tidak akan dibuka pada hari Sabtu kerana hari tersebut akan didedikasikan untuk aktiviti di lapangan seperti mengadakan perjumpaan bersama masyarakat. Mulai bulan Jun 2008, Hari Selasa merupakan hari untuk berjumpa dengan Sdr. Arul. Beliau boleh ditemui bila-bila masa selepas jam 2 petang sehingga 10 malam. Manakala, Pusat Perkhidmatan akan beroperasi seperti biasa pada hari Rabu dan Khamis jam 6pm -10pm.

Harap Maklum.

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CeO said...

As the reply to my blog, I leave this comment.

So, are you saying that PSM are practicing socialism?I can see that what you concern most is the workers not that socialism. I've try to understand the party but, I cant get it till now. For me, your party is just the same with the "fake" socialist wannbe the bolshevik.You guys want to build a "socialist" nation that is not exist in socialist teaching. Then you all were wrong. Socialist is not about building nation, but the society worlwide. The workers around the world unite.It mean, no nation. Are you claiming to be a socialist without knowing the fact of its real agenda?Dont be another Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong. If you want to fool everyone else with your "fake" socialist propaganda, than go on.But you cant fool me.Because I read a lot about marxism and socialism, even I had a group that discuss this ideology. We do support the ICC, the biggest communist society in the web. We were fighting the socialist fraud that climing to be the leftist, but know nothing.

Please comrades, real socialism is not about workers, its more than that.More power to you comrades.

C e O