Friday, May 23, 2008

Meeting with the Kajang OCPD

The PSM Semenyih Service center has been receiving a number of reports on police in-action as well as unsatisfactory investigation. We have been bringing up these grievances to the Kajang police through letter writting and very recently we had requested for an appointment to meet the OCPD.

The Kajang District police quite promptly contacted me and a meeting was arranged with the District Chief; OCPD- ACP Mohd Sakaruddin. I and D.Ganesan - the Kajang PSM Branch Chairperson attended the meeting. It was a pleasant meeting with ACP Sakaruddin who was quite prepared with the issues we wanted to raise to him. Unlike many other encounters with the police, he was not defensive, very approachable and gave us satisfactory explanation to the issues we raised.

We had three issues in hand. One the case of a victim slapped in a public transport, second an issue of several Nepal worker leaders illegally arrested and humiliated by RELA and three a rioting and robbery case. The police chief explained the issue and also told us to check on some matters and if his officers are in the wrong, he told us to raise the issues again. On the issues we raised, it looks like the police have conducted investigation and even made two arrest on the rioting case. On the other two case, they are awaiting instruction from DPP to proceed.

The Police Chief gave his contact number and told us to call him when needed. We thanked him.


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