Friday, May 16, 2008

Kg. Sireh – a small community and their issues

Kg. Sireh is a small settlement near Semenyih town. A number of people approached us and we asked them to call a meeting to discuss the problems. A meeting was called on the 22 April 2008 at the settlement. Around twenty people mainly youths attended the meeting which was held at the Kampung Sireh temple.

Among the issues were the issue of certain people not getting their land title. There was also this case of a lady who was offered a land, the only problem being that there is big drain crossing her land. Our team took down the cases and agreed to look into it.

Talking about drains, always brings the shivers in me in Semenyih as there are lots illegal drains and there are drains which does not end in a river but in an open field. Besides the drain which seems to be a major problem in Semenyih, other issues were on the Temple where we were holding the meeting. The temple does not have a title. We asked for more details, which the committee said that they would furnish us. Thamildasan chaired the meeting in his usual charming way and overall the people very friendly and cooperative. They also raised other issues such as lighting in the area and illegal parking of lorries carrying garbage.

Like everywhere else, we wanted them to form a committee and get organized. We will then carry out the work together.


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