Sunday, April 21, 2013

“We are PR friends but this time vote Arul”

by Media PSM Semenyih
20 Apr 2013, Broga
“Both PKR and PSM are our friends but we have to say sorry to Hamidi because Arul is the best candidate. Don’t let your vote split, be focus and vote the best candidate. Never vote for BN”. This was the advise from comrade Lee Ban Chen, a columnist and Chinese Educationist.
He was one of the speaker at a talk organised by PSM. About 150 people attended.
Volunteers from DEMA, who are supporting Arul in the current election campaign played key role in organising the talk today. Maxwell Tan, the MC said Arul is  different from other candidates and we support Arul’s campaign because ‘he is a simple person and not power crazy, he declare asset every year and importantly he is not corrupted’.
Chan Ying Qian of DEMA said, “we as student are supporting Arul because  we think he is a good leader and clean (never heard of any allegations) and we must choose people with such credibility to be our leader.  I have heard lot about Arul in the  social movement circle – he has high credentials.”
He also mentioned that unlike other political parties, PSM is the only party that has a condition for candidate – the candidate must have done ground work at least 5 years in the location – other political parties should have such policies too.
Alice, a strong supporter of Arul, is another backbone of our campaign. She knew Arul since the days they fought against the incinerator project in Broga 7 years ago. She urged everyone to support Arul the same way he supported the community in their anti- incinerator campaign. Arul also obtained them their land title in the last 4 years – something they waited for, for many years.
Dr. Kua Kia Soong, another social activist spoke about about the Unified Examination Certificate issue (private secondary education certificate).  BN government wish not to recognise the cert when countries like Singapore and Taiwan do. These has caused many students to pursue their higher education in other countries.  Is Malaysia progressing or regressing under BN was his question. About Arul, Dr. Kua said “Arul is a treasure and DUN Semenyih must grab him.
Mr. Bock Tai Hee (Chinese Educationist), also spoke. Among others, he shared his view about BN government’s intention to close down all vernacular school and how parents are blamed of causing disunity if they send their children to Chinese school. Right to mother tongue language  was stressed.  “I waited 56 years for this moment and finally the time has arrived and we must grab it and bring change now”
Bersih Aunty Annie was also there and she encouraged Broga people to wear read next 2 week to show support to Arul. Red means prosperity.
Comrade Lee Ban Chen, our last guest speaker spoke much about our candidate Arul who was active in social movement since his student days in UKM.
At last Arul spoke. He thanked the Broga people for their fighting spirit and  stood their ground to pressure the BN government to cancel the incinerator project in Broga. Because of them, Semenyih is saved. Thus, we need to continue to protect Semenyih and Broga from encroachment and environmental destruction.
While Semenyih is a buzzing town with higher level of humidity, Broga is the opposite and anyone will prefer Broga, the cooler place. The people there are lovely and their continuous love and support is the driving force for movement like PSM to exist.
As what Arul said today at his speech after nomination, “we do not have millionaires with us, but we have the love and support of the grass root people to win this election”.

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