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psm with wording logoPSM PRESS STATEMENT: 
15 APRIL 2013


In the last 24 hours, there has been lots of queries and phone calls on the seat negotiation between PSM and PR. We would like to state that the PSM would be holding a an Emergency National Committee meeting to decide on a number of issues outlined below.

Besides that, there is also an attempt to make PSM look unreasonable  on its request to use its own logo in this coming GE. Let us put this now in perspective.

1.         PSM wanted to stand in the same seats it contested in 2008 as to maintain the status quo. The three seats stood by PSM in 2008 under PKR – Sg. Siput, Kota Damansara and Semenyih has never been contested by any PKR members before this. Therefore to claim that these are PKR seats and PSM is three cornering is totally wrong.

2.         PSM has always stated that if there was a common PR logo, PSM would be willing to use it. This shows that PSM was never fussy on using only its logo but felt that it has the same democratic rights like other parties in PR to use their respective logos.

3.         When we meet Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim on the 13th of April, several issues were discussed on a friendly manner. I put some critical points of dispute.

i.          PKR wanted PSM to stand in both the Selangor seat using the PKR logo. PSM conceded to use PKR logo in Semenyih but said that PSM members will find it very difficult to ask the top leader of PSM Dr. Nasir Hashim not to use the PSM party logo. PSM members have fought for 11 years with the BN government for this logo and they felt that the PR should allow at least the PSM national Chairperson to stand on his party flag.  
ii.         We were also shocked to learn that previously Dr. Jeyakumar was informed that he can stand under the PSM logo in Sungai Siput but during the discussion with DSAI, we were told that if he stands under PSM logo, then DAP will field a candidate against him.
iii.        We were also told that even if PSM stand all three seats under PR logo, DAP will not allow PSM to stand in Jelapang. We requested that an NGO committee decide on the Jelapang seat and we will adhere to that.
iv.        We were also told that if we win the seat as PKR logo, we can immediately use PSM logo upon winning here after. But again here, the same principles were not applied when PSM won 2 seats in 2008 and now we are given the same deal.
v.         The meeting ended by us agreeing to talk to PSM members and DSAI saying that he will try to talk to other PR leaders on how to resolve this issue. Meanwhile DSAI mentioned that they may need to hold back the Selangor seat announcement until this issue is solved.
vi.        The meeting ended with both parties trying to find a solution and to avoid any three corner fight which will be damaging to both parties
4.         On 14th night, we were shocked to learn that DSAI has already announced the Semenyih candidate. This decision was made in spite of PSM agreeing to stand under PKR logo in Semenyih. The Kota Damansara seat was not announced pending negotiation with PSM. We also hear that PKR has also prepared a parachute candidate to stand in Sungai Siput. 

5.         PSM has now called for an emergency National Committee Meeting to discuss the following:

            i.          To review our position to stand in the 4 seats using our own logo.
ii.         To discuss the current development where PR is three cornering PSM in all its seats and our relationship with PR
iii.        To discuss and decide on the request made by non PSM members, mostly members from DAP and PKR who wants to stand using PSM logo in some areas. To date there has been 10 request - 2 from Sabah, 1 from Perak, 3 from Negeri Sembilan and  4 from Selangor.
iv.        To discuss the request made by Environmental groups and PSM Cameron to field our candidate in Cameron Highlands

We would be notifying the Press the time of our Press Conference on the outcome of the meeting.

Yours truthfully

Secretary General PSM

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