Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Arutchelvan: We’re not the spoilers (FMT)

Arutchelvan: We’re not the spoilers

Alyaa Azhar
 | April 17, 2013
We are the incumbent opposition and if PKR does not back out, I will contest the Semenyih state seat using the PSM logo, says secretary-general.
SEMENYIH: PSM secretary-general S Arutchelvan said that a three-cornered fight for the Semenyih state seat is inevitable following PKR’s decision to field its own candidate.
“We are disappointed with PKR for picking its own man, Hamidi Hassan, although it promised us that if we were to use PKR’s logo, it will allow PSM to have a one on one battle with BN.
“It’s a lose-lose situation, really. However, we will still stand for the Semenyih state seat, using our clenched fist. We have nothing to lose,” he said at a press conference here today.
Arutchelvan said that on April 15 at a press conference, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli had announced that a decision for the Semenyih state seat had yet to be made.
“On the same day, Batu incumbent MP Tian Chua said that if we were to use the PKR logo in place of our own logo, the problem would be solved.
“That night, after listening to the people’s sentiments, the PSM national committee decided to contest the four seats using Pakatan Rakyat’s logo,” said Arutchelvan.
PSM is fielding four candidates, Dr Michael Jeyakumar for the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat, M Sarasvathy for the Jelapang state seat, Arutchelvan for the Semenyih state seat and Mohd Nasir Hashim for the Kota Damansara state seat.
“Up till yesterday we were told by Tian Chua that the problem will be resolved. However, at 11pm last night, he told us that PKR vice-president Azmin Ali did not want to give way for PSM because he prefers a Malay candidate to contest the Semenyih seat.
“We are very unhappy that they’ve used racial reasons to deny us the seat. In the 2004, the Malay opposition candidate lost Semenyih by an 8,000 majority while I only lost by 1,100 votes.
“So the reason they give of needing a Malay candidate, tactically, is not a proper answer,” he said.

Bully tactics
He added that all this while, there had never been a PKR candidate contesting the Semenyih state seat.
“We are the incumbent opposition, not PKR, so we are not the spoilers here, PKR should back out or allow us to use its logo.
“Azmin choosing his personal assistant, PKR Serdang division chief Hamidi Hassan, to stand in the seat, reflects cronyism and also demonstrates PKR’s level of arrogance.
“It’s time for Anwar to take control of the party and ensure that the best candidate goes against BN in the coming election,” he said.
Arutchelvan also said that it has been difficult for PSM members to accept such ‘bullying tactics’.
“We would have expected something like this from BN, but we never expected this from our own friends,” he said.
He, however, stressed that PSM will still support Pakatan Rakyat and hoped that the BN will be defeated in the coming election.
“However, by PKR fielding its own candidate, this has gone against the concept of ABU (Anything but Umno).
Arutchelvan reiterated that PSM will still contest for the seat, in addition to using its own logo if PKR still stands with its decision to field Hamidi for the seat.

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Dialu-alukan 3 penjuru di Semenyih. Kami pengundi Semenyih akan hentam BN sampai kalah, dan PSM sampai hilang deposit!