Saturday, February 23, 2013

House loan paid but no strata title – never ending problem!

23 Feb 2013, Taman Asa Jaya, Semenyih

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday at about 10 a.m onward owners of the low cost flat houses at Asa Jaya flats were trickling in. Arutchelvan, the MPKj counsellor for Zon 18 was there on invitation.

At about 10.30am the lawyers representing the developer and the developer themselves  arrived – Housing Management and Development  Sdn Bhd. Immediately, they started checking on the attendance of the people.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor a while, I was a bit confused as to why  they are taking attendance while  some families were complaining that their attendance is denied because they are not the actual owners of the units.
Only at about 11a.m MPKj officials from the Commission of Building arrived with their PA system. Then Comrade Arutchelvan took the lead to explain to the people about the purpose of the meeting. That solved the confusion.
A while later, some representatives from Syabas arrived.
Formation of MC (Management Corporation)
Yes, the meeting today at Asa Jaya Flats were to form MC and to do that, the meeting quorum must be 50% of the owners holding their strata title. Apparently 281 of them already received the title out of 500. Unfortunately only 31 owners were present. People were grumbling about some owners who are not bothered to attend because they have rented their houses to others. More than 10 people were complaining that they already paid full payment for the house, how come they did not receive the strata title while some who have not paid full, can get the title!
Azhari from COB explained that the problem with the land title is because the developer   were unable to collect sufficient tax to pay the Department of Land- unless the accumulative tax amount is paid, the strata title issue will not be solved.

 Where is the Solution?
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA very vocal gentleman from the people, Mr. Ayemenen (57 years old) were pouring out his frustration when there was accusation from developer about residence not paying fees. Mr. Ayemenen said  ”we are poor people living in these flats and you want us to pay for everything and we cannot afford – maintenance fees, tax, insurance, assessment fee and so on, whether we use the service or not, we are obliged to pay – why? He continued “you are telling we are not paying you but look how bad is the condition of this flat – it is the reason why people don’t pay”

I was thinking about why the people have so much issue? What were the FederalOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgovernment and the previous BN state government were doing? The 5 blocks here was completed in 1989, which means it is in existence for about 22 years. 
Meanwhile Syabas representatives explained about water migration from bulk meters to individual water meters.
5 years ago, the greatest challenge for the people here were frequent water cut. After 2008 election, the problem was addressed but not fully rectified. The process of changing the meter is still ongoing as it involves some procedures and payment to Syabas.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI still remember when PSM team visited the flats in 2008, there was lot of complaints about frequent water cut, poor maintenance and hygiene. Even some railings were missing.  There are 500 units of houses and because of these problems many left the place.
In 2010, Arutchelvan as MPKj councilor and Secretary General of PSM along with his team & JERIT took the initiative to have a consultation with more than 20 residence committee low cost flats in DUN Semenyih on their various plight. One of their demand to  the State and Federal Government was to abolish either one of the tax that these people are forced to pay. Also the MPKj was asked to provide support such as cutting grass and clean the drains if the residence committee are inactive. Such support is now in practice and the State government agreed to less assessment fee by 25% since Oct 2012.
But the core issue here is, most low cost flats are rent out. This means it’s a propertyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbusiness for some. The genuine people who needs a home or can only afford low cost houses become the victims – in the sense – there can never be full payment or commitment as stipulated in the law. To have a stable residence committee, to manage the place is a biggest challenge unless there are change of laws!
Another consultation on these issue  is a must.  PSM is certain Arul, a responsible leader would continue to step up effort on this issue.

Reported by
PSM Semenyih News Desk


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