Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sambutan Setahun Pembebasan PSM EO6

Sambutan Ulangtahun pembebasan EO6 diadakan di Dewan St. John Ipoh Perak dihadiri oleh lebihkurang 400 orang.

Turut hadir adalah Sdr jaya , Haris Ibrahim dan Tasleem.

Daibawah adalah kenyataan akhbar sempena satu tahun pembebasan

One year later, the questions remain unanswered ?

29 July 2012
Today marks the one year anniversary of the release of the PSM EO6 who were robbed of their freedom on 25 June 2011 where they were detained with 26 others. On 2 July 2011, they were technically released but rearrested under the Emergency Ordinance.
The six, M.Saraswathy, Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj,  Choo Chon Kai, Sarat Babu, M Sukumaran, and A Letchumanan were detained for another 28 days in solitary confinement without the right to trial. Their release came about exactly one year ago, only after a massive local and international campaign which saw people from all walks of life standing together against injustice and tyranny.
As we commemorate their release one year ago, we would like to thank all those who stood in the part of justice, fairplay and democracy. Without the intervention of the many, their release would not have been possible.
One year has passed. Under pressure, the ruling party has dismantled some draconian laws such as the ISA, lifted the three emergencies as well as enacted the freedom of Assembly bills and other bills. These bills were replaced with new bills and laws with new names. Yet we remain sceptical that real change has taken place.
One year later, we still seek justice on the many allegation and fabrication levelled at us. Among them, we were accused of waging a war against the Agong, planning to bomb police stations, our buses carried weapons, we has a conspiracy with International terrorist groups, we possessed subversive documents, we plan to revive the Malayan Communist Party, we posed a threat to public order and that we were the key organiser of BERSIH2.
Meanwhile detained PSM members besides being deprived of the freedom have also been subjected to insults, assaults, humiliations and trauma.  The scar remains forever.
One year later, the questions remain unanswered. Till today, we continue to seek answers and justice. While we await our court date, the perpetrators have yet to apologize nor answered to our questions raised in letters, memorandums, Parliament questions and police reports.
One year later our quest to seek a better Malaysia and a better world continues. We remain steadfast in our struggle and in our socialist ideology. We will march on till real changes occur.
Udahlah tu, Bersaralah.... It is time for change.
Secretary General

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