Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hentikan salahguna kuasa terhadap Khalid Ismath

Hari ini saya menyertai satu sidang akhbar yang dipanggil oleh Mahasiswa untuk membidas sikap polis yang menahan dan mendera secara mental pemimpin mahasiswa Khalid Ismath. Khalid telah ditahan pada 5hb.

Khalid bersama mahasiswa lain dalam sidang akhbar

Itu bukan saya - Khalid Ismath menafikan

Khalid dan Sapuan


Yesterday morning, Khalid Ismath went to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters as the police wanted his cooperation. He voluntarily went to IPK KL only to find himself being arrested on the spot. He was then remanded overnight at the Dang Wangi Police Station. This morning, 6th May 2012, the police attempted to get a four day remand but it was turned down by the magistrate at the Jinjang Police Lock-up Center. Latheefa Koya who represented Khalid Ismath said that the court felt there was no necessity to remand him further and ordered his release.
In spite of Khalid being released by the magistrate, the police continued to delay his release. There were also indication that the police frustrated with the Magistrate decision, wanted to make a rearrest. This attempt by the police to make a rearrest is a serious human rights violation and is in contempt of the court decision this morning.
PSM calls upon the police to act professionally. If the police want Khalid Ismath to assist in further investigation, they can easily summon him using a 111 notice under the Criminal Procedure Code. In spite of assurance by the IGP that the police will act professionally, this is not seen on the ground.
PSM calls upon the police to stop all harassment on civil society groups and students who have been championing for a free and fair election as well as free public education.

Released by
Secretary General

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