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Sembang-sembang di Pustaka Kiri

Thursday, 22 March 2012

I CARE: 1 more TAX for the poor!!

Dr. Kumar gave an explanation about government’s 1 Care to a group of PSM members at the Pustaka Kiri. Though lot of read in the media about 1 Care, his explanation made more sense in the both social and economic impact on the masses especially the poor and private sector doctors as well as the ideological dimension.

In a glance I CARE looks good, take a second look and one might fear on the honesty of the assigned doctors whether his interest his to get more allocation from NHFA or the health of the patient. If we take a deeper look, then one would understand how the government plans to create monopoly – all money, about 30 million would be given away to one company or agency called NHFA – can we trust their efficiency …hmm hmmm!!!

At the end, quality of health system would be jeopardized and the masses had to pay one more tax under I CARE after GST that is sure to come if BN wins in the next election. Already the masses are suffering, why the government keep burdening them with all these taxes. If only the government is not corrupted and that don’t waste money on arm deals and other wasteful projects, they could provide free health care to the public, said Kumar.

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Godknows Balan said...

I do understand the health program need a serious revision.
But can some please tell me what is going to be done about the jobless graduates rate in malaysia?

Non-Professionals Undermine Jobless Professionals

Good day to you sir,
I'm initially from Penang currently residing in Ipoh,Perak who is seeking for jobs and opportunities at various places and job-fairs.
The incident happened to me on the 2nd of April, 2012. Please do post this as people should know how certain organisation or group treat us(the jobless lot).

I received an SMS from the organising committee of the recent Job Fair for Indians that was held in Anglo Chinese School,Ipoh on 4 March,2012. The 1st SMS read :*We are calling you from my career fair 2012,Ipoh at ACS school hall.can u pls reply as follow for job placements. name,ic num,address,working yes/no how many years,job now if working.dip/deg holder : cgpa,any additional courses taken.Please reply immediately and if we do not receive any reply from you,we will assume that you are no longer interested.from Monica.*---now tell me how many wrongs are there?I replied back asking 'you want me to email you or sms you?' - Imagine messaging by phone to someone your whole resume! She said 2nd SMS - 'reply as per the sms.' I attended the Job Fair. I filled out the registration. I gave my contact details which included my email id but if suddenly a number that you do not know is messaging your h/p and asking for your personal particulars,what would you do? I replied back stating ' I'm sorry I can't as I don't know who you are and even if you are genuine,I would at least expected a professional way on conducting this kind of task.maybe send me an email of what you want from your company id.' She replied back 3rd SMS - ' like I mention,if we do not receive any reply,we will assume that you are not you do not need to send a long sms to us on professionalism. pls understand,we r here to assist our indian community to secure a job, we are not a company,we are the organising committee of the my career fair.'
WHAT!!!!!!!!?????? you call yourself the organising committee and you send smses!?joke of the year!! I called her and told her this is not the way to communicate as most of us won't believe,she said they have sent nearly 2000 smses and not all replied,and it doesn't matter if I don't reply.Then what kind of help are you actually giving here?
Someone should say something on this matter. Yes,We are desperate for jobs and the economical situations are not helping us,but to be treated in such a way... I am laughing and my laughter is painful.

Thank you sir.

Sincerely with pain,
Poobalan Shamugam @ Balan