Thursday, April 19, 2012

Demo Bantah PTPTN

Saturday, 14 April 2012

If there is no PTPTN, what would happen to our future generation, pity them…how would they go to University? This was a question from my colleague. She was horrified to the fact that almost 1,000 students walk the street from Masjid Jamek to Dataran Sogo last Saturday demanding PTPTN (student loan) to be abolished.

It is definitively our responsibility to explain that no PTPTN does not mean that one cannot have higher education because even poorer countries like Venezuela and Cuba provides free education till tertiary level, why can’t Malaysia!

If the BN government can give 84 billion subsidy to the corporate companies (and remove 74 billion people’s subsidy), why can’t they use the money for free education instead, which according to Prime Minister Najib comes to about RM43 billion, if PTPTN were to be abolished.

I believe the student’s anger towards the UMNO government agravated when they dismiss Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli’s RM589 million debt while on the other hand suck the blood from rakyat and students with high interest loans!

The government is only asking the graduates to pay back, once they got job, if they don’t pay, how would other students can get loan? Some say, we are the ‘in-debt generation’, with the rising cost of properties, medical and education, for almost 3 generations we will continue to pay the same loan. Otherwise, the system declares us bankrapt and will be blacklisted.

To survive in an urban area, one need at least RM2,500. Government stats shows, in Malaysia more than 80% people earn less than RM3,000 per month. Not only we have to pay for our house rent, house loan, transport, toll, food, car loan, utility bills, clothes, social life, other household needs besides caring for our elders and the younger siblings and not to forget study loan.This is for single person, what if he/she gets married?

Is there a need to privatize the education sector? Why are there so many private colleges and why the government making is easy for these business to get easy money from the PTPTN loan. Education is simply made into another commodity…business, so why the government protecting the interest of these business men and not the majority rakyat and students who trusted and voted them?

A piece of information from Gabungan Menuntut Pendidikan Percuma (Coalition Demanding for Free Education) says

(i) Medical studies in government university is only RM50,000 but in private university RM400,000

(ii) Psychology studies in government RM20,000; in private RM50,000

(iii) Nursing with government, RM20,000; in private college RM50,000

So, friends wise-up. Why support a government and their policy that protects the rich and powerful while the rakyat and the poor are bullied and robbed in the clear crystal day light!

Dipetik dari PSM Kajang

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