Sunday, February 26, 2012

STOP LYNAS : Himpunan Hijau 2.0

26/2/2012, Ahad
The people have showed their force.
Will BN put people before profits ?
Lynas is
no more a local issue as claimed by some BN political leaders. This was proved
by the more than 15,000 strong crowd who came from all over the country and
participated in anti-Lynas rally in Kuantan. Solidarity gatherings also
attracted hundreds of people in Perak, Penang, Sarawak and as far as Melbourne,

So, the
message is clear. The people have spoken up. Stop, stop, stop Lynas – among the slogans
chanted by the people during the rally. The green wave was strong and spreading
all over the country. The people do not want the Lynas Project in Malaysia
which would only benefit BN and its cronies.

The irony
is, while thousands of people were opposing Lynas all over the country, PM
Najib said the Lynas Project is harmless. He said scientific evidence shows
Lynas will not be detrimental to local community. Is Najib trying to say that
people are stupid? Is Najib also saying all other scientific research which shows
the plant is harmful and would risk the health of the people is false? Who is
advising Najib – surely those who going to gain from this multibillion project.

Chairman of Anti-Lynas Coalition said, there is only one race in this world –
human race. He also said there is one kampung here – kampung Bumi. It is the
responsibility of the human race to save this kampung Bumi. The multi-racial
crowd in Kuantan yesterday, applauded supporting the message. So, will BN save
the kampung?

PSM calls
upon the BN Government, listen to the people and stop Lynas now. If, BN is
serious about people aspirations and still wants to go ahead with Lynas, call
for a referendum and let the people decide whether or not Malaysia needs Lynas.
PSM also strongly condemns all kind of intimidation posed at the people who are
opposing Lynas. In Penang, UMNO-BN used thugs to disrupt the rally. The
continue to use old tactics to instil fear among people. BN cannot use this old
tactic anymore. The people have braved themselves.

Its time
for BN to use political will and stop Lynas ! Or the People will use their will
and stop Lynas and BN

Released by

Secretary General

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