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Age Discrimination in the 21st. century!

Age Discrimination in 21st. century!

31 October 2011, Putra Jaya

1. Gan Soh Eng, 60

2. Janama a/p Muniandy, 63

3. Iyyamah a/p Irtchumanan, 64

4. Pereyarka a/p Velesamy, 63

5. Danalachumy a/p Sinian, 62

6. Tolasiamah a/p S.A.Samy, 62

7. Marri a/p Perumal, 64

8. Letchmi a/p Suppiah, 61

The struggle of these 8 women started 10 years ago when they were unjustly sacked by their employer, Guppy Plastic Industries with 24 hours notice. The reason for their termination according to the employer, they reached retirement age of 50. The irony is most of them were above 50 and one of them were hired when she was 50! Why the policy is different for men to work till 55 while women 50 why our Federal Constitution treat all equally?

They filed the case at the Industrial Court. The women workers won at the Industrial Court. The respected Industrial Court Chairman Rajandran Nayagan then asked the company’s representative (who was also a woman), “Do you know how a civilized society is gauged? It is gauged by how it treats women in society.”

Well, it appears that the country is far from being civilized as these women lost their case at the High Court on 13 April 2010. The judge, Yang Arif Dato’ Aziah Binti Ali, being a women herself uphold the discriminative policy. We call this 21st century!

The 8 women did not give up. They filed an appeal on 20 April 2010. More than 1½ years gone and still no date.from the Appeals Court. Fed-up of waiting, today these women went to the Appeals Court President, YAA Tan Sri Dato' Seri Md Raus Bin Sharif’s office, to submit a memorandum demanding to speed up the case before it’s too late! They are worried that this discriminative policy would continue even after they pass away.

At 11.00 a.m. today, only 5 representatives were allowed into the President’s office and his secretary, Ms. Nazha binti Md. Saleh received the memorandum on his behalf. She promised to look into the matter.

Would these women and the rest of us women get a fair decision from the Appeals Court? Would the court prove to the world that we are civilized?

Anyhow, first the Appeals Court must give them an early date. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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