Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beraya dengan kanak-kanak istimewa sempena hari raya

Hari ini saya dan Rajen singgah sekejab bersarapan pagi dengan kanak-kanak istimewa dari PDK Semenyih.

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me and my friends just came back PDK semenyih, for our external CAS. PDK stands for pemulihan dalam komuniti. it is a place for the disabled. parents will send their kids, or even their relatives who either suffer cerebral pulsy, down syndrom, mental disorder and.. i dont know what else. basically its a place for them to learn how to be more’s not a nursery and not a school, but this is where they were sent to learn stuffs like button up your cloths, tie your shoes, iron your clothes, eat using fork and spoon, and even how to hold your cup when drinking. it may sound simple for people like us. but for them, its like learning higher level of additional mathematics !

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