Friday, February 11, 2011

9-2-11 - Towards Reconcialition In Sri Lanka

The President of Global Tamil Forum - Father Emmanuel spoke on the topic Towards Reconcialition In Sri Lanka. But the more you hear him talk, there doesn't seem much on the table on the reconcialition question.

The program was held in a packed room in Selangor Club, Dataran Merdeka. The session was moderated by Arumugam. Many people came to hear the Father speak as there seems to be many questions on how to rebuilt back.

Father Emmanuel spoke very well on the post Tiger's era. He spoke about the Sinhala Govt arrogance after the victory, he spoke on what they plan to do with the dispora community, he apoke on crime against Rajapakse and many others.

He said we want rights, not welfare. He spoke about empowerment on International lobby work.

Arumugam suddenly called upon me to say something. I was not prepared as I went there to understand the current situation rather than propose solutions.Anyway I spoke abou the rights of teh Tamil people for self determination. I asked if there is a possibility to built class aliances with the Sinhala community and if the refugees in Malaysia can be organised to fight the issue politically.

It looks like there is no easy solutions. But as long as there is exploitation, there will be those who will fight back and as Father Emmanuel did say the future
struggle will have to take a different kind of shape and form.

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