Saturday, July 4, 2009

29 Jun 2009 PSM Jelapang bantu peniaga kecil

Liew Chin Nam (54) runs a small joss stick business (Wai Lek Trading) for more than 40 years on a land that belongs to Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) at Jalan Besar, Chemor Perak. Today, he files an affidavit against the railway track company (KTMB) and the Kinta Land office in Perak to set aside vacant notice served by the ‘party’ in question – Kinta Land Office Department. The notice claims the land belongs to the state. Is that possible? Did the Perak state confiscate or bought over the land from KTMB? When and how did that happen?

For 40 years Liew Chin Nam and his father paying monthly rental RM125.00 to KTMB, without failing till Mac 2009 when KTMB refused to accept the rental. Instead in Jun 2009 he received notice to vacate the land within 14 days and the final date is 1st. July 09. Gone his livelihood! Gone all his hard work! No compensation offered….no negotiation! This is the infamous Perak government of the day. If he refused to move, would the new Chief Minister order the land office to demolish the factory?

The lawyer, who represents our comrade Liew, Comrade Bala said, “It’s possible because they need the land for double tracking project. We would get assurance from state government as well as KTMB not to do anything until the court gives date for a hearing which would take another 2 to 3 months”.

How the KTMB reserve land became state land is a misery and whether the interested parties would wait for another 3 months is biggest trauma for comrade Liew, commented Deputy Chairperson of PSM, Comrade Saraswathy who was present at the High Court today.

Other PSM Jelapang Branch members who are supporting Comrade Liew and his struggle for an alternative land or fair compensation were also there.

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