Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Road reopened after 4 years

As we planned

Need to make some safety precautions

Cars can now turn in

After the 2004 General Election, the Barisan National Government closed the traditional road leading to Semenyih town near the school. This has resulted in two rows of shops becoming almost like a dead road. After the new town councilors were elected, several meetings and discussion were held to reopen the road. The Infrastructur Committee where I am a member decided to reopen the road. Last Friday the road has been reopened. There is still some new sign and safety precaution which need to be taken in order for the reopened road to function smoothly. Meanwhile the Councillors have also decided to redirect the traffic near the temple junction to improve the current traffic flow. This is now being studied.

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alan said...


Good that the road is open to avoid congestion esp during peak hour.

Please make a sign board quickly to avoid any accidents.