Friday, August 1, 2008

Kajang YDP out-voted 16-1


On 30th. April 2008 to full Council meeting refused to pass the MPKj financial report as the time allocated for the Councilors to read the report was not sufficient. The meeting was adjourned to 1st. August – today.

This morning the YDP Dato Hasan Nawani refused to allow the media to attend the Special sitting of the Council. DAP’s Chandra Mohan that cited the Laws which says that the media can be allowed to attend all Local Council meetings. The YDP as well as the Legal Advisor tried to say that this is not a Full Council meeting but a special meeting therefore the ned to invite the media inside is not necessary. One NGO rep went further to say that this is a family issue and we do not need the Media inside. I then spoke about the need to be transparent and requested for a vote to be taken. Councilor Lee Kee Hiong also called for a vote.

The YDP then reluctantly took a vote and the result was 16 against 1 in favour of calling the media in. The media were then allowed to attend the special sitting.

1 comment:

Ng PK said...

This clearly shows that YDP has something to hide while the Ahli Majlis fought for transparency.

Think the "old"(sorok2) way doesn't work anymore under the present Council.